NORVI-EX-I8 User Guide

Programming #

NORVI-EX-I8 uses MCP230008 over I2C Communication. The I2C Address of the devices can be configured with the DIP Switches in the bottom of the controller.

Digital Inputs #

Wiring Digital Inputs #

The digital inputs of NORVI IIOT range can be configured as both Sink and Source connection. The inverse of the Digital Input polar should be supplied to common terminal.

EX-I8 Digital Input Wiring

Programming Digital Inputs #

Reading relevant GPIO of MCP230008 gives the value of the Digital Input. When the inputs are in OFF state the GPIO goes HIGH, and when the input is in ON stage GPIO goes LOW.

Refer to the GPIO Allocation Table for Digital Input GPIO

Refer to the I2C Address setting to set the I2C address of the Expansion

#include <Adafruit_MCP23X08.h>

#define SDA 16
#define SCL 17

#define INPUT1 0
#define INPUT2 1
#define INPUT3 2
#define INPUT4 3
#define INPUT5 4
#define INPUT6 5
#define INPUT7 6
#define INPUT8 7

#define Address 0x20  // Set Address According to DIP Switch Configuration

Adafruit_MCP23X08 mcp;

void setup() {
  Serial.println("Device Starting");

  Wire.begin (SDA, SCL);   
  if (!mcp.begin_I2C(Address)) {
    while (1);

  // configure pin for output
  mcp.pinMode(INPUT1, INPUT); mcp.pinMode(INPUT2, INPUT); mcp.pinMode(INPUT3, INPUT);   mcp.pinMode(INPUT4, INPUT); mcp.pinMode(INPUT5, INPUT); mcp.pinMode(INPUT6, INPUT); mcp.pinMode(INPUT7, INPUT); mcp.pinMode(INPUT8, INPUT);

void loop() {


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