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NORVI Controller vs ESP32 Devkit v1

NORVI IIOT & NORVI ENET are  home and  industrial IOT base solutions that were manufactured by ICONIC DEVICES (PVT) Limited Sri Lanka. Both these NORVI IIOT & NORVI ENET categories belong to the NORVI controller family. ESP32 Devkit v1 is developed for prototyping IoT applications implementations that were similar to NORVI IIOT & NORVI ENET. ESP32 Dev kit v1 is popular in IoT prototyping activities. NORVI IIOT, NOVI ENET & ESP32 Devkit v1 embedded systems were based on ESP32-WROOM32 SoC  that have a 32 bit dual core processor, 4MB flash memory for storing the program or other required data. Also these devices have 520KB SRAM. Moreover these systems have  wireless connectivity of WIFI 802.11 b/g/n & Bluetooth v4.2 low. When it comes to programming these devices, the interesting fact is the program can be done according to customer requirements with support of the Arduino IDE or ESP-IDF, & ESP32 libraries. 

Since the NORVI controllers were made for industrial IoT applications both NORVI IIOT & NORVI ENET device categories have many built-in communication options. Specially NORVI IIOT has a built-in RS-485 port that follows Modbus industrial communication protocol. Except that NORVI ENET with Ethernet ports that make advantage for ESP32 base Ethernet implementation. But you cannot see RS-485 or Ethernet in  ESP32 Devkit v1 as built-in options. If you need to include RS-485 or Ethernet facilities in ESP32 Devkit v1 that may take extra cost and time for setup. This is one disadvantage compared to NORVI controllers connectivity capability.
Built-in expansion ports can be used for integrating expansion modules for the main NORVI controller. That is a huge advantage compared to ESP32 Devkit v1 because there was no such option.
When installing NORVI controllers in a place or integrating expanding modules these devices included standard Din-Rail mounting methods. If this case comes toESP32 Dev Kit v1 users must have to buy mounting parts. To improve the wireless connectivity range NORVI IIOT category devices included external antenna installation. Hence,  NORVI IIOT category devices can be installed in remote locations and because of external antennas the software updates can be pulled to the device from a remote location. But ESP32 Dev Kit v1 does not have this type of capability.
To operate smoothly with industrial machines the NORVI controllers  I/O were designed for compatibility with industrial voltage levels by isolated 24V with added special power protection. In both NORVI IIOT & NORVI ENET categories have 24V sink or source Digital inputs, NORVI IIOT  category devices have relay and transistor base outputs. Specially, these relay outputs possibly handle 5A range current. Some devices belonging to NORVI IIOT & NORVI ENET categories have 4-20mA analog inputs or 0-10V analog inputs. NORVI IIOT category devices have 12 bit & 16 bit resolution when it comes to analog inputs.
Furthermore, NORVI ENET category devices have 16 bit analog input resolution. ESP32 Dev Kit v1  inbuilt analog and digital input or output have no such capability compared to NORVI controllers inputs & outputs. Also, NORVI controllers have built-in buttons on the front panel to provide inputs. For Display the parameters NORVI IIOT category devices have inbuilt 0.96 inches OLED display or TFT  display, NORVI ENET category devices have only inbuilt 0.96 inches OLED display. The OLED display uses I2C communication protocol and the TFT display uses SPI communication protocol. Compared to ESP32 Dev Kit v1, the inbuilt display in  NORVI controllers is a good advantage. The built-in RTC with battery backup and micoSD card slot is another specialty of NORVI Controllers. This option was included in all devices in NORVI ENET category and few devices in NORVI IIOT category. You cannot see this type of special option in ESP32 Dev Kit v1. The NORVI IIOT & NORVI ENET categories devices have IP20 for IP degree of protection. Most important thing is the features, digital and analog I/O s, RS-485 communication port, the display, RTC, built-in buttons in NORVI controllers can be programmed according to user requirement. To save the program into Flash memory in ESP32-WROOM32 chipset both NORVI IIOT & NORVI ENET categories devices have USB ports. That means NORVI controllers are USB programmable. The NORVI controllers above discussed expansion supported for LoRa Communication (REYAX RYLR 896) , Nb-IoT (BC95 Module), Temperature (MAX31856) and LoadCell (HX-711). 

Considering all these features, NORVI controllers  are more steps ahead from ESP32 Dev Kit v1. The features and functionalities of NORVI IIOT & NORVI ENET categories are revolutionary. So, these devices are very good solutions for the industrial IoT environment.