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NORVI as a Data Logger with Web-access

NORVI as a Data Logger with Web-access

Other than real-time acquisition and pushing to an IoT platform, Data loggers are one method of keeping track of values and analyzing.  There are several types of data loggers used in the industrial world.
They are

1)         USB loggers which are used for Short-term trend logging with manual offload, 
2)         Bluetooth (BLE) Loggers with Wireless data access via mobile devices,
3)         Web-based Systems with Long-range wireless internet access,
4)         Wireless Sensors with Short-range centralized data collection

With the ESP32 based NORVI IIOT, you can build any of those solutions, simply and reliability, keeping the costs lower compared to other data-loggers. NORVI IIOT ESP32 Data-logger with Web-access.
NORVI IIoT offers almost all the acquisition types you need to build the Real-time data logger with web access.
1) Digital Inputs – As counters or ON-OFF status detection
2) 0 – 10V Voltage Analog Inputs
3) 4 – 20 mA Current Analog Inputs
4) Temperature Inputs
5) Load cell Inputs
6) RS-485 communication interface
7) I2C communication interface

With the above input types supported by NORVI IIOT, you have access to the real-word parameters. Next part is storing them with time stamp.
Making NORVI IIOT AE04 range an ideal solution data-logger with Web access. It has DS3231 Real Time Clock (RTC) to keep track of time and micro-SD card support providing storage facility for the data.
You can store data in the microSD card in CSV format or in a database with SQLite .
ESP32 Arduino SQLite3 library

ESP32 based NORVI IIOT enables the ability to implement wireless access for the logged data and real-time data. Combining few libraries of ESP32 Arduino you can access or view the data over WiFi .
There are several examples for ESP32 to work as a datalogger and Web-interface for real-time data.

NORVI IIOT Product Details

NORVI IIOT Product Datasheet


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    Thinksoft is a company in Korea.
    I am working on developing and delivering industrial software to Samsung Display and LG Display.

    First of all, I’m interested in your company’s products.
    Is there a sales agency in Korea?
    We would like to purchase and use products from norvi company. (AE04-I )
    Can I get Norvi’s company introduction document?

  2. In this paper, an effort has been made to design and develop low-cost temperature data logger with relatively high accuracy. Initially, the conceptual solution of data logger consists of several elements where the main components are Arduino Uno R3 with ATmega328 microcontroller, 1-wire digital temperature sensor DS18B20 and pull-up resistors, connected with jumper wires through Breadboard according to d the program algorithm. In addition, relevant component specifications are concisely provided upon which schematic connection diagram was generated. Lastly, the aim of this study was to build a platform for sensor with data logging ability in order to achieve excellent performance at substantially lower costs then currently available ones on the market.

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