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In industrial automation, having a reliable and versatile controller is crucial. The NORVI Cema Industrial arduino controller, equipped with the ATMEGA 32 microcontroller, stands out as a game-changer, offering unparalleled performance and flexibility in a compact design.

It has versatile features to use in arduino-based IoT projects!

Advanced arduino controller capabilities

At the heart of the NORVI Cema lies the powerful ATMEGA 32 microcontroller, which features:

  • 8MHz CPU: Ensuring efficient processing and swift response times.
  • 32 Kbytes Flash Memory: Providing ample space for complex programs.
  • Timers: Including up to two 16-bit timers with separate prescaler, compare, and capture modes, and one 10-bit high-speed timer/counter with PLL and compare mode.
  • PWM Channels: Four PWM channels with programmable resolution from 2 to 16 bits, essential for precise control in industrial applications.
  • Interrupts: Supporting interrupt and wake-up on pin change for responsive and dynamic control.

Robust I/O Capabilities

The NORVI Cema offers a comprehensive array of inputs and outputs:

  • Digital Inputs: 8 channels, 24V sink/source digital inputs, ensuring compatibility with various industrial sensors and switches.
  • Relay Outputs: 6 relay outputs rated at 5A, capable of handling substantial loads.
  • Transistor Outputs: 2 open collector transistor outputs (24V), supporting PWM or pulse output capabilities, perfect for controlling motors and other actuators.

Other Specialties

Seamless Expansion and Integration

Designed with flexibility in mind, the NORVI Cema features a 6-pin expansion port with Serial output, enabling easy integration with other devices and systems. This makes it an ideal choice for expanding existing automation setups or developing new custom solutions.

Integrated Display and HMI

User interaction and monitoring are streamlined with the built-in 0.96″ OLED display and programmable buttons, which serve as a versatile Human-Machine Interface (HMI). LED indicators further enhance diagnostics, making it easier to monitor the system status and troubleshoot issues.

Programmable with Arduino IDE

One of the standout features of the NORVI Cema is its compatibility with the Arduino IDE. This allows developers to leverage the extensive Arduino ecosystem, access a wide range of libraries, and benefit from the simplicity and flexibility of Arduino programming. The result is a controller that is not only powerful but also accessible to a broad audience of developers and engineers.


The NORVI Cema Industrial Arduino Controller is engineered for a variety of applications, including:

  • Industrial Automation: Streamlining processes and enhancing efficiency.
  • Process Control: Providing precise and reliable control for complex processes.
  • Data Acquisition: Collecting and processing data from various sensors and inputs.
  • IoT Applications: Integrating with IoT systems for smart and connected solutions.
  • Custom Industrial Solutions: Tailoring to specific needs and requirements of diverse industrial environments.

In summary, the NORVI Cema Industrial Arduino Controller is a powerhouse in the realm of industrial automation. Its advanced features, robust design, and unparalleled flexibility make it the ultimate solution for modern industrial applications. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current systems or embark on new projects, the NORVI Cema offers the performance and reliability you need to succeed.

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