Arduino Micro

Industrial Arduino

Processor – Arduino Micro
Built-in OLED Display with 3 buttons
16 I/O (24V Inputs/5A Relay)

$ 48.00  to $ 68.00 USD

Arduino / ESP-IDF

Industrial ESP32
ESP32-WROOM  controllers

Built-in OLED Display with 3 buttons
16 I/O (24V Inputs/5A Relay) 
6 Analog inputs 0 – 10V

$ 42.00  to $ 111.00 USD

Arduino Mega 2560

Industrial Arduino
Built-in OLED Display with 4 buttons
26 I/O (24V Inputs/5A Relay)    4 Analog Inputs – 16 bit
Ethernet connectivity – W5500
RS-485/RS-232 connectivity
Expansion Port( USART, I2C, SPI, 2 GPIO)
RTC with backup battery

$ 99.00  to $ 188.00 USD


Access to most reliable and efficient hardware makes you finish your project in a smaller time frame

  • GPIO pins are isolated and connected to the relays and inputs. You can control relays and inputs via GPIO
  • LED Indicators for Inputs, Outputs and Seria
  • Arduino libraries for reading analog inputs and driving OLED Display
  • Expansion port with UART, SPI, I2C, and 2 GPIO lets you access external devices or modules
  • USB Connection as a usual Arduino board to connect with the Arduino IDE
ethernet icon


W5500 Ethernet modules lets you control the device online or work as a data serve

Flexibility in programming

NORVI Series supports varies programming IDEs.
Arduino, Soapbox Snap, OPC Server, RapidSCADA

microSD card support

microSD card support

You can add a micro SD card for expanding its capacity. For applications like dataloggers

Industrial Standard
analog inputs

Analog inputs with 0-10V and 4-20mA compatiblity.
16 bit ADC for higher accuracy

Flexibility in programming

Flexibility in programming

NORVI Series supports varies programming IDEs.
Arduino, Soapbox Snap, OPC Server, RapidSCADA

Built-in OLED Display

Built-in OLED Display

Programmable display with buttons, can be used as a simple HMI


Just connect and program like a Arduino board, no additional drivers required


Built in ESP-8266 WiFi module and bluetooth modules for added connectivity

Built-in Clock

Built-in Clock

Built-in clock and backup battery for timed and data logging applications


Norvi Devices Explained

NORVI at Industrial IOT

NORVI controllers comes with many communication features which makes it ideal for IOT solutions. You can order NORVI controller with a built-in WiFi module or W5500 Ethernet module and access your device online. Following are few products with higher IOT compatibility.

– ESP32 SOC based controllers for IOT applications

– NORVI IIOT Model with ESP32-WROOM32 as processor making a Industrial ESP32

– NORVI Arita with ESP8266 built-in


Solutions & Controllers

We are able to supply custom made NORVI controller to suit your application. Our engineers experience in designing embedded systems and automation solutions can help your business success. 
Simply we can alter the input output types and communication standards according to your need.
We can craft an Industrial Arduino or an Industrial ESP32 for your requirement.


Connectivity redefines everything, years ago we started making controllers for construction equipment. We have been developing controllers for harsh environments for years. Hundreds of retrofits are successfully completed with our custom made controllers.

Then we moved into industrial automation, we developed controllers and devices for industrial applications. We felt the lack of connectivity in industrial electronics. Our NORVI Controllers designed for developers looking for a reliable hardware to interface with modern connectivity features. It was a massive success with its flexibility and costs.

Today, It’s one of the most reliable devices on the market connecting Industrial environments with the internet. Our products are used by hundreds of OEMs to empower their products. Finally, We are pleased to present our products and services to the world with pride