Industrial Arduino NORVI Arita

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NORVI Arita is a higher-capacity version of the NORVI Series. Selection of five standard models available with a choice of two powerful microprocessors. Arita is designed to yield every bit of performance in the microcontroller without compromising its reliability. It is compatible with almost every industrial input and output type. Connectivity is the factor that makes it suit today’s world, for a connected world, we have included all the industrially accepted communication methods in it. Arita is used everywhere, it has many characters, it can be a motion controller handling heavy positioning tasks or a data logging server.  

Processor selection


72Mhz CPU

256 Kbytes Flash

All Inputs mappable on 16 external interrupt vectors

Up to four 16 bit timers, each with up to four IC OC PWM or pulse counter and quadrature incremental encoder input

2 × 16-bit motor control PWM timers with dead time generation and emergency stop

2 × watchdog timers Independent and Window

Real time clock with separate oscillator

Arduino Mega

8Mhz CPU

256 Kbytes Flash - 4Kbytes EEPROM

Up to four 16 bit timers, each with up to four IC OC PWM or pulse

counter and quadrature incremental encoder input

2 × 8 bit timer counters

Four 8 bit PWM Channels

Model 5

14 X

Digital Inputs


Sink/Source Digital Inputs

10 X

5A Relay outputs

2 X

Open collector Transistor

1 X


Model 6


Buit-in 0.96' OLED Display

Model 7

2 X

0-10V Analog input


2 X

4 - 20mA Analog input

Model 8

1 X

SD Card Slot


1 X

W5500 Ethernet Connectivity


Norvi Devices Explained - NORVI Arita Mega

Reasons to choose Arduino MEGA PLC

  1. Higher Capacity: NORVI Arita is a higher-capacity version of the NORVI Series, offering enhanced performance and capabilities.

  2. Versatile Selection: With five standard models available, NORVI Arita provides a range of options to suit various industrial requirements, featuring two powerful microprocessors for optimal performance.

  3. Reliability: Designed to maximize the performance of microcontrollers without compromising reliability, NORVI Arita ensures dependable operation in demanding industrial environments.

  4. Compatibility: NORVI Arita offers seamless integration into existing systems and processes with almost every industrial input and output type. 

  5. Connectivity: NORVI Arita has a wide range of communication methods, making it suitable for today’s connected world and ensuring easy integration into networked environments.

  6. Versatility: NORVI Arita finds application across diverse scenarios, from serving as a motion controller for handling heavy positioning tasks to functioning as a data logging server, showcasing its adaptability and versatility.

  7. Processor Options: NORVI Arita offers a choice between two powerful microprocessors:

    • ARM Cortex M3: Featuring a 72MHz CPU, 256 Kbytes Flash memory, and versatile timer options.
    • ATMEGA 2560: Utilizing an Arduino Mega-compatible ATMEGA 2560 processor with an 8MHz CPU, 256 Kbytes Flash memory, and additional timer capabilities.