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    Industrial ESP32

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    Commanding BDL-20 Stepper drive to run NEMA-17 stepper motor.
    Stepper motor is controlled by a slider on a webpage hosted on ESP32. NORVI IIOT Industrial ESP32.

    The stepper motor we use is a NEMA-17 Bipolar with a rated current of 1.5 Amperes.
    The driver is a BDL-20 Stepper driver with maximum 3.5 ampere current.
    We must set the driver configuration to 1.5 Amperes.
    We can do that by setting the dip-switches on the stepper drive according to the table.
    Two transistor outputs of the NORVI IIOT industrial controller is used for Pulse and Direction inputs for the stepper drive.

    Since we are using a 24V power supply to power the NORVI and the stepper driver, current to the opto couplers of the stepper drive must be limited the with resistors. Additionally, the stepper drive opto-couplers and NORVI controller must be in the same ground.

    We program NORVI IIOT as a webserver and we set the position of the stepper motor with a slider on the web page. The NORVI controller determines the stepper motor position and commands the drive accordingly with its transistor outputs.
    You can view the current position with the Buit-in OLED display of the NORVI IIOT.


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